GlobalStake’s recent S02 E10 #DecentraLounge episode with May Michelson of GK8 by Galaxy 🚀

In this episode May outlines:

1️⃣ Started as a cyber security company in the self custody space, 3 tier layered system for the most robust custody

2️⃣ 1 Billion USD insurance for every client

3️⃣ The only TRUE cold storage

4️⃣ Superior Tech for Institutional Self Custody

5️⃣ Navigating Regulatory Challenges in various jurisdictions 

6️⃣ Built to be compliant in every way

7️⃣ Ability to be nimble and support any and all blockchains that our clients require

And so much more…

GK8 by Galaxy is a cybersecurity company that offers financial institutions an end-to-end platform for managing blockchain-based assets on their own. They bring a radically new approach to securing digital assets using their end-to-end self-custody solution (Cold+Warm+MPC): Their patented solution combines the world’s first TRUE air-gapped vault that enables to run secure blockchain transactions without being connected to the internet – hence eliminating All potential attack vectors – with a proprietary MPC network featuring patented security features that keep users’ private keys out of reach of hackers.

GK8 is already serving global financial institutions that manage Billions in digital assets. Their solution is pending 7 USPTO patents and is covered by the highest insurance policy for digital assets in the market: up to $1B per bank, provided by USI.

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Episode Co-Hosted by #GlobalStake ‘s Director of Protocol Relations Ryan Haczynski and Jordan Knecht, MBA Head of Institutional Strategies and Partnerships. More clips coming soon…

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