In GlobalStake‘s recent S02 E09 #DecentraLounge episode with Bruno Leon Winik the COO and Co-Founder of Enor Group 🚀

In this clip Bruno outlines:

1️⃣ Tokenization of the rights versus the asset location

2️⃣ Message to the market – Equities, Funds, Bonds etc can all be tokenized TODAY

3️⃣ Registered in El Salvador as a Digital Asset Issuer (Buy, Store, Manage, and Issue – License) 

4️⃣ Soon to tokenize Coffee, Sugar, Corn etc.

5️⃣ How to give token holders the civil rights, jurisdictionally, over real world assets (going above the marketing of tokenization but really doing something for token holders)

6️⃣ First to tokenize agriculture commodities (SOY), Brazil is the largest producer of SOY in the world

7️⃣ Cross collaboration across many LATAM jurisdictions (Brazil, El Salvador, Argentina etc.)

And so much more…

Bruno Leon Winik is a visionary leader whose expertise spans the integration of traditional financial markets with the transformative potential of blockchain technology. Under his guidance, eNor Securities has become a pivotal force in the tokenization of real-world assets, creating secure and innovative investment opportunities within the digital asset space. Enor is based in Brazil and is serving global clients but most notably South American clients as it is one of the fastest growing digital asset jurisdictions globally. 

eNor Securities is a fully regulated exchange that enables a premier marketplace for tokenized Real World Assets (RWAs) and provides expert tokenization advisory; guiding issuance, structuring, and facilitating the distribution of high-quality regulated assets on their exchange.

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Episode Co-Hosted by #GlobalStake ‘s Director of Protocol Relations Ryan Haczynski and Jordan Knecht, MBA Head of Institutional Strategies and Partnerships. More clips coming soon…

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