GlobalStake’s recent S02 E06 hashtag#DecentraLounge episode with Fabian Vogelsteller the Co-Founder and Chief Architect of the LUKSO Layer-1 Blockchain (Also the creator or the ERC-20) 🚀

In this clip Fabian outlines:
1️⃣ What is the LUKSO Layer-1 and Why is it Different/Needed?
2️⃣ New Audiences need to interact with blockchain in new ways than what the current building blocks have (AKA, things are bound by old standards such as ERC-20)
3️⃣ First Standardized Abstract Smart Contract Account – New Network = New Foundations Being Built from Day 1 Via the Network Effect
4️⃣ Why is LUKSO partnering with creators, entertainers and designers in the traditional sense?
5️⃣ Blockchain was missing a true SOCIAL aspect to it, Lukso’s ‘decentralized reputation/profile systems’ unifies and is placed on the protocol
6️⃣ Getting Standards Right in the Beginning is important as everything is built and maintained using those standards for years to come. This is why ETH is slow to change and update

And so much more…

​​As a trailblazer in the blockchain space, Fabian Vogelsteller is renowned for his pivotal contribution as the inventor of the ERC-20 token standard, which has fundamentally transformed the Ethereum ecosystem by enabling the proliferation of tokens on its platform and initiating the ICO wave and Defi movement. He also helped build the official Etherem wallet, the first decentralized web3 browser and tools like web3.js, the most used JavaScript library in the blockchain space today. He is also the co-founder of the layer 1 blockchain Lukso, where he continues to push the boundaries of blockchain innovation. Fabian and his co-founder Marjorie Hernandez created LUKSO as they saw a gap in the space between identification, virtualization and tokenization.

To follow and connect with Fabian Vogelsteller and LUKSO, reach out to them on LinkedIn!

Also here are all the ways to explore and start utilizing the LUKSO chain today!

LUKSO.Network – Learn and Acquire LYX
UniversalProfile.Cloud – Create a Profile and Interact on Chain
MarketplaceUniversal.Page – NFT’s and Burnt Pix (TRUST US, check our Burnt Pix –
Twitter/X – LUKSO_io – The discord of web3, the LUKSO community is strong here

YouTube –
Apple Podcast –

Episode Co-Hosted by hashtag#GlobalStake ‘s Director of Protocol Relations Ryan Haczynski and Jordan Knecht, MBA Head of Institutional Strategies and Partnerships.

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