GlobalStake’s recent S02 E05 hashtag#DecentraLounge episode with Alex Krasnow the Web3 and Blockchain Insurance Lead at IMA Financial Group, Inc. 🚀

In this episode Alex outlines:
1️⃣ Retail Products do not exist yet (No insurance available for individual wallets under $500K in value)
2️⃣ Enterprises and Business are the primary users onboarding for web3 insurance
3️⃣ High net worth individuals are looking for supplemental web3 insurance
4️⃣ Insurance Premiums can now be paid in crypto (Even protocols can pay in their native tokens)
5️⃣ Metaverse is the evolution of social media, the insurance realm is quietly being built up to support this
6️⃣ Traditional products can be created to cover onchain risks (Not necessarily needing a “new product”) but the medium in which people get insurance will most likely change

And so much more…

Alex Krasnow is a leading voice in the crypto community and the Web3 and Blockchain Insurance Lead at IMA Financial Group, Inc. Alex’s expertise in crafting insurance solutions for the dynamic realms of blockchain protocols, Metaverse platforms, Bitcoin mining, and more positions him at the forefront of mitigating on-chain risks. An Ohio State University alum, Alex’s insights bridge the gap between institutional and retail perspectives on crypto insurance.

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Episode Co-Hosted by hashtag#GlobalStake ‘s Director of Protocol Relations Ryan Haczynski and Jordan Knecht, MBA Head of Institutional Strategies and Partnerships. More clips coming soon…

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