SEASON 2 is here!!

GlobalStake’s recent #DecentraLounge episode with Griffin Anderson the CEO of Phi Labs Global which is a core contributor to Archway, kicks off Season 2 of DL! 🚀

Griffin outlines:

1️⃣ What is the Vision of Archway?

2️⃣ Economic Incentives to Encourage dApps and Builders in the Ecosystem

3️⃣ “Devenue” Is Keeping the Momentum Moving

4️⃣ Importance of Developer Incentives

5️⃣ DeFi and Governance Tokens

6️⃣ Infrastructure Plays Moving on Archway

And so much more…

Griffin Anderson is the CEO of Phi Labs Global and a core contributor to Archway. Griffin’s extensive background includes roles as the former Head of Product at Ignite (formerly Tendermint) and former Senior Director of Product Management at ConsenSys. He’s also known for founding blockchain-powered accounting tools project Balanc3 and being a board member of the Accounting Blockchain Coalition. His expertise lies in consensus mechanisms and Layer-1 mechanics, making him a notable figure in the blockchain and crypto industry. Join us as we explore Griffin’s journey and the innovations he’s bringing to the Web3 space through Phi Labs and Archway.

To follow and connect with Griffin Anderson and Phi Labs Global , reach out to them on LinkedIn or their website –

YouTube –

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Episode Co-Hosted by #GlobalStake ‘s Director of Protocol Relations Ryan Haczynski and Jordan Knecht, MBA Head of Institutional Strategies and Partnerships. More clips coming soon…

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