🚀 Exciting Announcement from #DecentraLounge by GlobalStake!

The FULL episode with Kamen Trendafilov, MBA, ACCA, CIA the Co-Founder of Nolus.io is now LIVE!

Kamen outlines:

Nolus is a semi-permissioned blockchain bridging lenders and borrowers in a DeFi money market. With its DeFi Lease, borrowers can secure up to 150% financing on their initial investments, and access to the underlying leveraged assets through whitelisted strategies. How Lending Works on Nolus.io:

With the Nolus DeFi Lease, users can deposit cryptocurrency into the Nolus Protocol and receive up to 150% financing on the initial investment, gaining additional exposure to tokens while addressing crypto’s stringent over-collateralization requirements. Plus additional more insights…

Inspired by traditional leasing, where one pays a fraction upfront and gains ownership after repayment, Nolus’ approach cuts down the DeFi sector’s high over-collateralization standards. This boosts capital efficiency and offers borrowers better loan terms.

To follow and connect with Kamen Trendafilov, MBA, ACCA, CIA and Nolus.io , reach out to them on LinkedIn or their website – https://nolus.io/

YouTube – https://youtu.be/VIIYxetQRLM

Episode Co-Hosted by Ryan Haczynski and Jordan Knecht, MBA of GlobalStake.






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