Marc outlines:

1️⃣ SMA Product – Taking Discretion Over the Assets

2️⃣ Clients Close to the Assets

3️⃣ Risk Parameters and Processes Pre-Built to Assist RIA Clients

4️⃣ Advisors Can Rely on Partners, You Don’t Need Another Accreditation

5️⃣ This Portfolio Adoption Will Be A Slow Burn (Not All At Once)

6️⃣ Overall RIA Misconceptions About the Digital Asset Space

And so much more…

Marc Nichols serves as Product Director at Arbor Digital, the premier Digital Asset management offering for RIAs. Prior to joining Arbor Digital in 2020, Marc started his career as a professional tennis player and coach before transitioning to financial services as an advisor with Merrill Lynch and then on to Charles Schwab in the New York and New Jersey markets. After some success Marc transitioned to focus on product development and elevating advisors around the nation through a sales leadership role with Schwab, and subsequently TD Ameritrade, where he led the direction of numerous wealth management and financial planning products. Marc, his wife Susan, and his two rescue dogs Mamba and Twitch are based in Austin, TX.

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Episode Co-Hosted by Ryan Haczynski and Jordan Knecht, MBA of GlobalStake.

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