Freddy and Christian outline:

1️⃣ On Chain Intelligence, How it Works

2️⃣ Stronger Compliance Assurances for Institutions (Public & Private Sectors)

3️⃣ AML Investigations Significantly Easier, Smart Contract Experts

4️⃣ Proactive Systems Created to Warn Users and Protect Them. Enables Institutions and Individuals to Remain OFAC compliant.

5️⃣ Automated Workflows for Enhanced Threat Detecting

6️⃣ Law Enforcement Utilization for Investigations/Regulatory Support

AnChain.AI is a blockchain analytics company that specializes in AI-powered security and risk management for blockchain-based assets. Freddy Murillo serves as the Head of Business Development at AnChain.AI, bringing over two decades of experience in sales, business development, and customer success. Christian Nunez is the Head of Partnerships at AnChain.AI, leading sales processes across various sectors within the private industry. Both individuals are instrumental in driving the company’s mission to secure the digital asset economy.

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Episode Co-Hosted by Ryan Haczynski and Jordan Knecht, MBA of GlobalStake.

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