Adam Blumberg, CFP ®, has been in financial services for over 12 years, starting with an insurance broker/dealer, and moving to his own RIA, started with his partner, Ron. He is also the co-founder of Interaxis, a company dedicated to educating financial professionals about digital assets, cryptocurrency, blockchain and other alternative assets. The YouTube channel they created has over 11,700 subscribers, and they created a course and certification to teach financial advisors how to make crypto and digital assets part of their practice.

In this Episode Adam outlines:

1️⃣ RIAs – Appropriate Crypto Allocation Within A Portfolio

2️⃣ Drafting an Investment Thesis – Interaxis Helps FAs with This Education

3️⃣ Trends to be Educated On as a Financial Advisor

4️⃣ Pain Points With Crypto Education

5️⃣ Who’s Opinions Do We Trust On the Value Long Term

6️⃣ Breaking the Perception of “Who Will Be the Winner?”

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Episode Co-Hosted by Ryan Haczynski and Jordan Knecht, MBA of GlobalStake.

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