Mr. KEY is a notable figure in the cryptocurrency space, recognized for his entrepreneurial ventures and contributions to blockchain technology. He is the co-founder of Forward Protocol, a project aimed at promoting blockchain adoption by removing traditional barriers to entry in the space. Additionally, Mr. KEY is the Managing Partner of Key Difference Labs, a firm that supports blockchain projects globally.

Mr. KEY outlines:
1️⃣ How to Direct People to a Certain Ecosystem (ETH, DOT, AVAX, SOL etc.)
2️⃣ Forward Protocol – The UI Shows Which Eco is Best for Each User’s Goals
3️⃣ MAKING IT EASY – This Will Onboard the Next Billion Users
4️⃣ RWA – Tokenizing Commercial Ships – Revenue Sharing
5️⃣ Tokenizing – Outside of Box Ideas
6️⃣ Unique Assets – WATER being Tokenized – You Owning the Water Well for Life, Different Wells Around the World

To follow and connect with Karnika E. Yashwant – Mr. KEY and Key Difference Labs , reach out to him on LinkedIn or X at KarnikaYashwant

Episode Co-Hosted by Ryan Haczynski and Jordan Knecht of GlobalStake.

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