Ep 18 Marc Nichols, CIMA®, WMCP®, CDAA® the Product Director of Arbor Digital

Marc outlines: 1️⃣ SMA Product – Taking Discretion Over the Assets 2️⃣ Clients Close to the Assets 3️⃣ Risk Parameters and Processes Pre-Built to Assist RIA Clients 4️⃣ Advisors Can Rely on Partners, You Don’t Need Another Accreditation 5️⃣ This Portfolio Adoption Will Be A Slow Burn (Not All At Once) 6️⃣ Overall RIA Misconceptions […]

Ep 17 – Luca Von Wyttenbach, CFA the Co-Founder of Polimec Foundation

Luca outlines:1️⃣ What is Polimec2️⃣ What Problem Does it Solve?3️⃣ Major Partnerships4️⃣ Broader Market Access – EVM Chains5️⃣ Exploring New Markets – KYC In Various Jurisdictions6️⃣ OFAC Compliance and How This Is Enabled Luca Von Wyttenbach, CFA is the Co-Founder of Polimec Foundation. Polimec is a decentralized community-driven funding protocol developed on Polkadot to accelerate […]

Ep 16 – Freddy Murillo & Christian Nunez – AnChain AI

Freddy and Christian outline: 1️⃣ On Chain Intelligence, How it Works 2️⃣ Stronger Compliance Assurances for Institutions (Public & Private Sectors) 3️⃣ AML Investigations Significantly Easier, Smart Contract Experts 4️⃣ Proactive Systems Created to Warn Users and Protect Them. Enables Institutions and Individuals to Remain OFAC compliant. 5️⃣ Automated Workflows for Enhanced Threat Detecting 6️⃣ […]

Ep 15 – Stefan Kimmel the CEO of M2 Exchange

In this Episode Stefan outlines:Stefan outlines:1️⃣ M2 is a pivotal player in the market – Being regulated by the Abu Dhabi Global Market and in one of the most robust and regulated market locations in the world.2️⃣ Institutional focus on Security & Transparency3️⃣ High Yields – The Investment platform offers high yields on a variety […]

Ep 14 – Rushi Manche – Co-Founder of Movement Labs

rushi manche the Co-Founder of Movement Labs In this Episode Rushi outlines: 1️⃣  Movement Labs, a novel blockchain protocol using the Move language and bridging multiple Web3 ecosystems. 2️⃣ Rushi provides the rationale for the “Move thesis” and why he believes this unique blockchain programming language provides particular benefits, especially when it comes to performance and […]

Ep 13 – Adam Blumberg – Co-Founder of Interaxis

Adam Blumberg, CFP ®, has been in financial services for over 12 years, starting with an insurance broker/dealer, and moving to his own RIA, started with his partner, Ron. He is also the co-founder of Interaxis, a company dedicated to educating financial professionals about digital assets, cryptocurrency, blockchain and other alternative assets. The YouTube channel […]

Ep 12 – Mr. KEY – Forward Protocol & Key Difference Labs

Mr. KEY is a notable figure in the cryptocurrency space, recognized for his entrepreneurial ventures and contributions to blockchain technology. He is the co-founder of Forward Protocol, a project aimed at promoting blockchain adoption by removing traditional barriers to entry in the space. Additionally, Mr. KEY is the Managing Partner of Key Difference Labs, a […]

Ep 11 – Hootan “Hootie” Rashidifard – Hash3 Capital

Hootie is the Managing Partner at Hash3 – which is a pre-seed/seed stage crypto-native fund investing in companies + protocols, globally. Hootie outlines:1️⃣ Hype Cycle Trends – Invest In Categories Before Hype2️⃣ A.I. – Institutional Investors Want Real Use Cases, Not Narratives3️⃣ RWA / Payment Transfers – A Real Efficiency Use Cases4️⃣ Treasuries On-Chain5️⃣ Non-fungible […]

Ep 10 – Umed Saidov, CFA – Wave Digital

Umed is Head of Staking at Wave Digital Assets – which is a digital asset management firm with a unique combination of venture capital, fund and wealth management competencies investing in crypto since 2016. *Umed, speaks entirely from a personal perspective on this episode. None of what he says represents the opinions, views nor financial […]

Ep 09 – Mohak Agarwal – ClayStack

Mohak Agarwal is the founder of ClayStack – which is an innovative protocol that helps bridge the gap between staking and DeFi. He is based in Dubai, UAE. Mohak outlines:1️⃣ Restaking – Amazing in Theory, Major Challenge to Find Real Use Cases2️⃣ 2008 Actions – Too Many Layers, Need Smart Review and Less Degen-ing3️⃣ No […]